Ceasefire groups pressured to surrender within 2009 Map of Shan State Ceasefire groups pressured to surrender within 2009 commanders said all ceasefire groups including local militias must surrender the ar 代償ms in 2009, according to SHAN sources. 3 September 2008By Hseng Khio FahOn 20 August, the new Commander of Eastern Region Command and Chairman o 酒店經紀f Shan State South Peace and Development Council, Maj-Gen Ya Pyae called on the local public in Ho Mong to say that all armed groups including local militia gr 結婚oups must surrender a year before the 2010 election. “All ceasefire and local militia forces must surrender within 2009. If not, the groups can also join Shan State Army (SSA) l 褐藻醣膠ed by Col Yawd Serk,” a local villager quoted him as saying.Maha Ja, Chairman of Shan State South Company (SSS) and leader of the Homong militia accompanied the commander to his mountain outpos 賣房子ts # 18 and 20, opposite Loi Wa Her, the main base of anti-junta Wa National Army(WNA) . The commander reportedly told him that those outposts would be replaced with the Tamadaw units. “Maha Ja had nothing to 關鍵字排名say,” said a source.There was a rumor that the Burma Army suspected Maha Ja group of having contacts with the anti-junta groups WNA and Shan State Army-South (SSA).Likewise, on 24 August, Chairman of Shan State (North) Peace and 買屋 Development Council and Commander of North-Eastern Region Command Maj-Gen Aung Than Htut called on the officers from local militias from Mong Yaw, Wan Pang, Mong Ha and Kachin Defense Army and ordered to recruit people for providing necessar 西服y security. “The militias need to be ready for joint operations with the army if the SSA-S comes to the north,” the commander was quoted as saying.On 29 August, the Commander of Kengtung-based Triangle Region Command, Maj-Gen Kyaw Phyo meeting with the Nati 房地產onal Democratic Alliance Army-Eastern Shan State (NDAA-ESS), known officially as Shan State Special Region #4 led by Sai Leun, warned that all ceasefire groups and local armed groups must abide by the Tamadaw’s policy within 2009, according to the order from the top 居酒屋.  .
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