If things slip your mind easily you could try exercising your brain. Playing games is a great way.Sudoku, Chess, Math’s equations, logical equations, cryptograms and crossword puzzles are all great ways to stimulate your brain and help with remembering. Also games like matching does not only help short term memory but it’s also good for hand eye coordination. Garmaan Nq
  如果容易忘記事情,你可以嘗試鍛煉你的大腦。玩游戲是一個很棒的辦法。數獨(一種運用紙、筆進行演算的邏輯游戲),下棋,數學方程式,邏輯等式,密碼游戲以及填字游戲都是很好的幫助大腦記憶的游戲。同樣,例如配對這樣的游戲不僅能幫助短期記憶,而且還能促進手眼協調。  (原標題:Stop things slipping your mind)


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